Car Accidents in Street Racing

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Humans have been racing everything and everyone ever since we became capable to walk, whether it is dogs, horses, or automobiles; people love to race. It is not surprising that automobile racing has become the worlds largest motor sport with its loud engines, fast speeds, and adrenaline pumping maneuvers. However, due to the accessibility of cars, many young adults and teenagers have taken racing to the streets. These races are not your “Fast and Furious” style racing, where they seem to expertly close down intersections for their races and execute precise technical passes with Vin Diesel swagger. These races take place on regular neighborhood roads, interstates, and just about every where a police officer is not parked, and are driven by kids who just got their licenses or by people with a substantial driving record. I would know, I used to be both.

Street racing is wildly dangerous even for professional drivers, there is simply no way predict what might happen next on a public road. Recently in Boston, a car drag racing on a small road jumped the curb and hit a pedestrian and proceeded to run from the scene. Police have been unable to catch the driver who escaped in another vehicle. A Boston car accident lawyer would regard this case as a reckless driving accident due to its speeding, and the drivers failure to yield and could face jail time. Similarly in Rhode Island, seven young adults with a median age of 21 were charged with reckless driving in association with road racing that resulted in a death of one of the passengers that were racing. A Rhode Island car accident lawyer would be well aware that these types of fatal accidents happen all the time, and it is a wonder that it doesn’t happen more often with the frequency of street racing. The latter racers are facing serious charges. So for safety of everybody on the road, please keep it on the track.

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