How a Criminal Charge can Affect Your Divorce Proceedings

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Divorces are a emotionally taxing experience for everyone involved, taking many lawyers, a lot of time, money, and having to conduct many uncomfortable conversations. Currently almost 30% of Americans have a criminal background and with divorce rates nearing 50%, there remains a strong likelihood that you or someone you know may fall under both of these categories. A criminal charge or record can affect many divorce proceedings especially when divorces are contested or when both spouses are in vast disagreement. Contested divorces are the most extreme and complicated divorce proceeding and it is exponentially more demanding when children are involved. While minor offenses are unlikely to affect any contested divorce proceedings, a spouse with either a violent or other higher level offense criminal record becomes much less likely to win out on a divorce.

Domestic violence cases are largely damaging as courts actively look to protect the abused spouse.  According to Wisconsin law firm, Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers of Kohler Hart Powell, SC, domestic violence can include, battery, loud arguing, use of profanity, or the destruction of property. Domestic violence divorces usually include longer court proceedings and over 20 states have policies against joint custody in cases involving domestic violence. A criminal charge can greatly affect one’s divorce proceedings, violent or crimes involving children are even more detrimental to any hopes of child custody. In order to protect your rights to your children as a violent offender, it is recommended by Fort Worth divorce lawyers that a couple be able to work out and agree on specific roles for each parent to play in the upbringing of their children.

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