Integrally Suppressed Barrels, Can Guns be Quiet?

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Everybody knows that guns are loud. Real loud. Gunshots can be heard miles away and are often around 150-160 decibels or louder than that of a fighter jet at launch. This high noise level can cause gun enthusiasts many headaches as they do not want a gunshot to frighten neighbors or have police forces sent their way because of an annoying raccoon. Most attachable suppressors are bulky, expensive and inconvenient to carry around for everybody who is not a black ops sniper, and a lot of people do not even know that suppressors are legal in their state. However, with the invention of integrally suppressed barrels, gun owners can now replace their existing gun barrels with much quieter ones and not alter the stock dimensions of their firearm. These new advanced barrels can drastically reduce rifle shot decibel levels down to around 120-130 dB which in reference is about as loud as a large balloon popping. As well as reducing sound levels, integrally suppressed barrels can also lower recoil levels nearly 40% for some rifles which will concurrently improve accuracy across multiple shots, furthermore these new barrels can still be serviced like a conventional gun barrel.

There is a safety concern with these new type of barrels, many people found comfort in the loudness of firearms as they alerted everybody nearby that a gun has been fired or that someone may be in possible danger, but many states currently still allow for suppressed firearms as long as they follow NFA rules. Guns have been around for hundreds of years and throughout all that time guns have remained very loud despite vast improvements in all other aspects of the firearm. From computer fans to cars, everything in this world is getting quieter and quieter it would only make sense that guns should too.

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