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 Miami Seaquarium
Come out to Miami Seaquarium for a wonderful day of family fun. They‘ve got some exciting shows, great exhibits and enjoyable, educational presentations in their beautifully landscaped park overlooking Biscayne Bay. All the entertainment is included in the price of admission. So don‘t miss the fun.

Flipper Lagoon
The Flipper Dolphin Show, takes place at the Flipper Lagoon, film location for much of the popular 1960’s television show of the same name.

The Flipper dolphins demonstrate the grace and intelligence of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. The show includes jumps, spins, tailwalks and flips, all choreographed to music and accompanied by lively and informative narration. Audience participation segments allow guests to have a “hands-on” experience with the animals.

Killer Whale and Dolphin Show
The centerpiece of Miami Seaquarium is the Whale & Dolphin Stadium, home to the killer whale, Lolita and her Pacific white sided dolphin companions.

Guest of all ages will be thrilled as the natural grace, beauty and intelligence of these animals is highlighted through the interaction of animal, trainer and guest. Guests watch as Lolita and her trainer “walk on water.” It’s a behavior that must be seen to be believed!

Golden Dome Sea Lion Show
The Golden Dome, a Miami landmark designed by architect Buckminster Fuller, is home to the Sea Lion Show.

This hilarious playlet allows the sea lion stars to show off their athletic and comedic abilities. The show also features Salty the Sea Lion and a cameo appearance by Salty’s comical harbor seal friend.

Throughout the day, guests may also enjoy the Sea Lion Exhibit, where they can encounter a playful California sea lion. Daily feeding sessions give guests the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with these boisterous mammals.

Top Deck Dolphin Show
Rounding out the four major shows at Miami Seaquarium is the Top Deck Dolphin Show, featuring the athletic ability of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

Guests thrill to the acrobatics of these agile marine mammals as they brave the “splash zone” for a closer look. Keep your eyes open, you might be able to spot a baby dolphin! The Top Deck Dolphins can be viewed anytime throughout the day from above and below the water.

Swim with the Dolphins
You’ve heard the mysterious legends and fascinating facts about one of the world’s most magnificent marine mammals – now you can experience these animals hands-on through the... Participants have the unique opportunity to take part in this exciting new program which is designed to teach about the physiology, behavior and natural history of dolphins in an experience not available through printed pages, film or television.

Guests will be able to not only SEE with their eyes, but also, TOUCH with their hands and LEARN with their minds what the dolphin is all about.

Miami Seaquarium Water And Dolphin Exploration (W.A.D.E.) program! Join the Miami Seaquarium Marine Mammal Training Staff for an exciting two-hour program that offers an insightful glance at dolphin behavior – up-close. Uncover interesting facts about these extraordinary animals, then slip into one of our wetsuits and follow trainers into the water for a one-on-one interaction with a dolphin!

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