Vehicle Recalls, They Happen All the Time.

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When spending money to buy any product, it is well expected that the product be both functional to its duty and be safe. Unfortunately, that is not the case for a lot of products that we see on the market today. From statistics recently released by a independent study, over the past 30 years Volkswagen, a world dominating manufacturer, has had a recall rate of approximately 1.06. This implies that of the 9.7 million cars that they have sold since 1980, 10.2 million vehicles have been recalled at some point. Even world leading auto manufacturers create and build unsafe products all the time, despite the auto industry being one of the most heavily regulated and restricted industries in the world today. According to Massachusetts personal injury attorney’s, a defective vehicle will undoubtedly increase the likelihood of fatal crashes, create unnecessary financial burdens, and often times lead to long personal injury lawsuits.

It is very likely that you will spend some time in or at least interact with a motor vehicle everyday, and many of those vehicles have been subject to one or many recalls. Furthermore, most car owners never even realize their vehicle may have been recalled. Currently, the established procedure for notifying car owners of a defect by NHTSA regulation is via first class mail. With today’s advancing technological culture, first class mail is a rather dated delivery method especially for a notice as important as an unsafe product. Houston based law firm Williams Kherker, classifies automobile defects as a product liability case and recommends immediate action if harm is presented. Product liability cases falls under civil tort law and and both compensatory and punitive damages can be rewarded for vehicle defects. In major recalls from manufacturers such as the recent Volkswagen diesel scandal, it is very likely for a consumer to receive some form of compensation for the harm inflicted by a defected product. Car buyers need to stay informed on whether their vehicle has been recalled to prevent the dangers of a unsafe product.

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