Ways to Prevent Workplace Injuries- “WorkSTEPS”

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Workplace injuries are bound to occur, they happen every day, everywhere, at every job. Whether it is a simple papercut or a traumatic fall while lifting a heavy box, workplace injuries happen all the time and with frivolous lawsuits becoming increasingly common in our society, employers must take preventive action to reduce these costly accidents.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 3 million injuries and illnesses were seen in 2014 which continues a declining trend since 2012. This decline is a step in the right direction but there are still many ways to prevent workplace injuries that can be adopted by organizations, such as more workplace safety training, higher safety standards for employees, and even pre-employment testing. New tactics like these are continually reducing workplace injuries and some companies are going even further by introducing new ways of functional employment testing that can determine the probability of potential hires to be able to complete job specific tasks. One such company, WorkSTEPS, will send professional job analysists to conduct an on-site job analysis so that they can determine physical benchmarks that each employee should possess in order to perform the job efficiently. Innovations like these unceasingly continue to reduce the likelihood for workplace injuries, creating a much safer environment for people to not only work but live in.

It is not uncommon for a typical person to spend more time at work then with their family in a given day, because of this workplace safety is ever more important and should be held in a higher regard than it is now. However, it is not solely the employer’s responsibility for promoting workplace safety; employees themselves clearly hold a large stake in their own well-being and must be able to identify any hazardous work conditions and find ways to avoid them. Remember a safe workplace is a happy workplace, well at least happier.

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